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The City of Paris and the Institut français, France’s international agency for foreign cultural action affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offer an artist-in-residence program dedicated to established foreign artists and writers at the “Centre International des Récollets”, a venue for artists and researchers from around the world.



Visual arts - Performing arts – Literature

The Residence program:

The purpose of the residence program is to host artists and writers who have a specific project to develop in Paris. Each project, for all disciplines should be carried out in partnership with a previously specified local institution or other structure, company, artist, or indeed a well-known personality from the arts and culture in Paris or surrounding area. Overall, any research project should be developed in Paris, in harmony with the host town and its cultural environment. This residency, which is a privileged period of reflection and creativity for the artist, will contribute to the presence and visibility of international artists in Paris.

Candidate profile:

This program is intended for individual established writers and artists.
The candidates must:
- be foreigners and be able to prove a residency abroad (electricity or gas invoice);
- show evidence of previous work and an artistic career that is already significantly developed;
- speak French or English;
- be able to free themselves from other professional activities during the period of the residency;
- not hold any other grants during the period of the residency.

Process and selection criteria:

A consultative committee composed of professionals from the relevant disciplines will select the laureates. Particular attention will be paid to the artistic quality of the project being submitted, to the necessity of a stay in Paris for the completion of the project, and to the manner in which it will be carried out.
An artist who has already benefited from a residency with the Récollets program cannot reapply with a new project within 3 years.

Length of stay:

3 consecutive months without interruption and limited trips abroad. The residencies will take place from January to December 2016.

What the residency offers:

The Institut français will allocate a 1500 € fixed monthly allowance. This is intended to cover living expenses such as food, local transport, etc.
The City of Paris will cover the rental accommodation at the Covent of Récollets for the duration of the residency.
The residences are suitable neither for families nor for large realization or use of messy materials. Pets are forbidden.
Before arriving in France, the candidate must be covered for health costs, hospitalization costs and repatriation and must have personal liability insurance. Travel expenses to, and from France, are at the expense of the artist.

The applications should be completed online: click on "Call for applications"
Deadline for 2016 applications: June 17, 2015.
Meeting of the Consultative committee: fall 2015.
Results will be only notified on the website by the end of October.

For more information: fanny.rolland@institutfrancais.com
In case of technical problems with the registration: support@atelier144.com

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